Pinknruby [2005] Garden

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Pinknruby are Mihaela Repina from Slovenia and Paul Bradbury from England. Their music is intimate and acoustic, with two guitars and two voices weaving together to create a dreamlike ethereal sound. They have drawn inspiration from the beauty of Nature, the singing of their inner angels and sometimes from their dark sense of humour. The result is music with a unique sound and a haunting beauty.

Pinknruby attracted the attention of French underground label, Prikosnovenie in 2002 and released their debut album, The Vast Astonishment with them in 2003. Since then, they have released two more critically acclaimed albums, Garden (2005) and Queen Kale (2008) as well as making guest appearances on several compilation cds for labels such as Kalinkaland (Germany) and La Torre (Spain).

Over the last six years, Pinknruby have performed throughout Britain, including several Glastonbury Festival performances, plus gigs in prestigious venues such as Cargo and The SEOne Club in London, and The Rain or Shine Club in Manchester. They recently appeared with a full string orchestra in Kingston Parish Church, London.

The band have also played extensively in Europe, in venues such as Chateau Broceliande (France), Folkwoods Festival (The Netherlands), Elf Fantasy Fair (The Netherlands) and The Athens Music Theatre (Greece).

Pinknruby perform in wild burlesque costumes and elaborately painted faces. This creates an otherworldly look to their stage performances which perfectly reflects their music.

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Pinknruby [2005] Garden
Ethereal, neofolk, dark ambient, female vocalists

1. Brocéliande
2. Jakdo
3. White Lady Mirror
4. Kislica
5. Nader Margh
6. Zanamayo    
7. Zeleno    
8. Lusima    
9. Nocoj    
10. Shadume